An effective laboratory service is an essential part of a functional health service. Laboratories provide confirmatory diagnosis and disease surveillance. Laboratories are an important part of many disease control programmes. Our laboratory therefore forms an integral part of the St. Clare Hospital, offering a 24 hour all-around-the-clock daily service. 

Our laboratory diagnostic equipments and qualified personnel provide exact and timely results. The laboratory equipment is connected to the hospital information system which helps to have timely patient-results for our clinical team at the hospital.

The lab provides diagnostic services in:



The analyzers have a broad test menu including renal function tests, liver function tests, lipid profile, blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin, amylase, lipase, electrolytes, cardiac markers, thyroid function tests, hormonal profiles, tumour markers and infection markers among others.

    Hematology and Tranfusion Medicine


    The section deals with diagnosing blood disorders such as anaemia, leukaemia, bleeding disorders and signs of infection, malnutrition or bone-marrow-dysfunction. Blood counts are an assessment of the right mixture of blood cells in the blood. The section is also ensuring that blood transfusion are safe for patients. The blood bank has a freezer and a refrigerator which are capable of storing whole blood, fresh frozen plasma and other blood products.

      Microbiology, Parasitology and Serology

      Bacteria, viruses as well as microscopic and macroscopic parasites are causing infectious diseases – this section is specialized in detecting bacterial, viral and parasitic reasons of illness;

      • Bacterial cultures with sensitivity testing (for possible resistance until kinds of antibiotics)
      • Rapid tests for (bacterial, viral or parasitic) antigen- or antibody-detection
      • Preparation and staining of slides for microscopic examination and diagnose