Out-patient(OPD) and Emergency-Medicine (EMD)Departments

A well laid-out emergency-preparedness-plan, apropriate equipment and trained staff have made our Out-Patient-Department (OPD) and our Emergency-Medicine-Department (EMD) to handle out-patient cases, basic-life-support in critically ill patients, after accidents and trauma.

The Out-Patients-Department (OPD) is opened every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It handles general practitioners‘ and medical/surgical specialists’ services including paramedical units for medical imaging and laboratory investigations. It consists of doctors, nurses, technicians, other paramedical professionals and a friendly, dedicated customer care staff.

Our 24 hours all days open Emergency-Medicine-Department (EMD) is well equipped and offers first aid, basic-life-support and critical care all-around-the-clock. The unit can unite competent medical, surgical and nursing care to handle life threating situations of patients and patients attending at the hospital outside the opening-hours of the OPD.

Ambulance Services

The ambulance services form an integral part of the Emergency Medicine Department (EMD). Our ambulances are available 24 hours on 7 days a week and respond to emergency calls for referral of critical patients to higher-level facilities and to transport patients from the site to the hospital.

The vehicles are equipped with emergency medicines, emergency equipment such as machines for monitoring of the patients’ vital signs; all ready to support patients‘ lives before arrival at the hospital.