In-Patient Services

St. Clare Hospital is committed to good quality patient care, recognizing the special relationship between the care poviders and the patients. With a bed capacity of 47 beds, the hospital is capable of accommodating a reasonable number of in-patients. The wards are well designed to provide adequate comfort and appropriate hygiene-standards. The rooms provide a conducive and friendly atmosphere for the patients to recuperate.

Our wards are staffed with nurses, doctors, health counselors, physiotherapists and healthcare assistants who will serve you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Assess and treat your medical condition throughout your stay
  • Coordinate your hospital care including medical imaging, medical laboratory services and other non-invasive and invasive methods of diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Arrange specialist-care and treatment by consulting medical and surgical specialists
  • Refer your medical and surgical care back to the outpatient-department after your discharge from inpatient-care

Intensive treatment is provided on inpatient wards and recovery is promoted from the very beginning of admission. Our work is to ensure that your condition is stable and rehabilitation-potential is reached and you are ready to go home.