We are reputed for keeping quality branded and generic medicines, pharmaceuticals and surgical products. The pharmacy employs dedicated qualified pharmaceutical technologists, and serves both inpatient and outpatient clients, whilst ensuring that treatment is safe and appropriate. We dispense quality medicines at the best price possible. Before stocking, medicines undergo a vetting and approval process by an in-house committee, the Medicines and Therapeutic Committee (MTC); a body that plays a vital governance, policy and support role for medicine use processes within the Hospital. The Hospital procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby guaranteeing to our patients quality medicines at all times, especially in the light of the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.

We operate 24 hours with a zeal to serve with excellence and we cherish confidentiality. Our pharmacy technologists help patients understand the role of medication in their overall treatment plan. They also believe in providing them with the relevant information on their prescribed medications as this will ensure they take their medications regularly and work with the doctors to manage their medical problems. 

St. Clare hospital pharmacy serve all patients i.e. cash patients and insurance clients.