Radiology & Imaging Diagnostics

We provide a comprehensive range of imaging services, including both routine and specialized procedures with a cutting-edge picture archiving and communication system (PACS). This system allows digital images to be viewed immediately upon completion of an examination, which significantly reduces reporting turnaround times.



The section provides a wide range of ultrasound examinations including abdominal and gynaecological-obstetric ultrasound; thyroid and neck ultrasound; urological ultrasound; muscles and tendons ultrasound; carotid, abdominal and peripheral vascular Doppler examinations. 

We carry out echocardiography (ECHO) that is depicting the heart by ultrasound and Doppler technology, which shows the pumping action, evaluates the function of the heart valves, and detects anatomic abnormalities by measuring distances and size. We also carry out electrocardiography (ECG) that records the electrical activity of the heart and provides information about the heart’s rhythm, anatomy, and function.

CT scans


Computed Tomography (CT) Scan allows us to view internal structures in your body in exceptional detail. It combines many X-ray images with the aid of a computer to generate cross-sectional views and, if needed, three-dimensional images of the internal organs and structures of the body.



    We do many kinds of different x-ray examinations with our digitalized conventional x-ray machine. In the EMD and theatre c-arms are used for intra-operative control and diagnostic assessment.



      We provide digital panoramic x-ray imaging of the upper and lower jaws complete with the dental formula as well as the temporo-mandibular joints. OPG services are provided on a walk-in basis.



        It is the state-of-the-art third examination-step for the diagnosis or exclusion of breast cancer. The machine has a 3-D tomosynthesis capability which increases the sensitivity of mammography and reduces the wrong-positive and wrong-negative diagnosis.




          We perform HSG x-ray examinations to evaluate the shape of the uterine cavity and to evaluate the passage in the fallopian tubes.  

            With each new improvement to the diagnostic and treatment processes at St. Clare Hospital, we aim to give our patients quality services.​